Check out MobilityCity, the mobile app to set in mobility in the short and long term.

The mobile App to completely revolutionize the mobility habits of your employees.


The Project

MobilityCity is an app designed to change employees’ mobility habits in a practical way and to provide the company with a quantity of information (data) to promote long-term actions.


In the short term it acts on the mobility of employees through the incentive and motive of the app towards more sustainable transport habits thanks to the social aspect and the principles of Mobility City gaming. In fact, the app accounts for the kilometers traveled by assigning points to different degrees depending on the means of transport used. Upon reaching pre-established scores, prizes will be provided, which can be personalized with selected and differentiated services and products. In the medium-long term it provides information, thanks to the collected data, to plan in a logical way possible future interventions.


Short and long term interventions

By joining the competitions, users agree to be monitored through the app. This will provide employees with more points and the company the opportunity to collect real data, not only on home-work travel, but also on non-systematic mobility, improving the understanding of the dynamics of urban mobility. The methodology is validated by RINA, an international organization that certifies the reduction of emissions deriving from travel through the ISO 14064-II protocol. Mobility City allows you to monitor the movements and calculate the polluting emissions avoided by using modes of transport with low environmental impact. The collection and analysis of systematic and non-systematic data, through the tracking of employees, will allow the company to obtain useful information to plan mobility interventions in a sensible and informed way.

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Data Collection – Traces and Statistics

To analyze urban mobility it is necessary to:

  • Automatically collect user movement data
  • Administer short travel questionnaires in real time

By tracking data it is possible to process statistics regarding:

  • Mileage per kilometer for the various travel modes
  • Travel Time
  • CO2 reductions
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Data collection – Questionnaires

Starting with tracing analysis, the software identifies the means of transport used.

The data collected from the questionnaires may concern:

  • Socio-economic profiles
  • Personal mobility
  • Characteristics of the movement
  • Services level reviews
  • Stated Preferences

The entire analysis process starts from a mobile application that allows users to track users on their travels and provides a platform for administering questionnaires aimed at profiling users and aquiring data that can not be obtained from pure tracking.

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Mobility City provides a system of direct employee involvement.
In the Activities section, the user finds the history of his movements, with the recognition of the means of transport and the calculation of the produced/avoided CO2.

Through the app they will be able to view CO2 savings, access a points collection and get prizes, which the employee will get through:

  • Answers to the questionnaires
  • Tracking times, diversified by way of travel

Scores can be spent to acquire prizes like bicycles or discounts on the LPT.

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The Mobility Manager will have an online area exclusively dedicated to him that will allow him to:

  • Set up and launch surveys
  • Add rewards for users
  • Download the collected data and analyze it with your favourite software

You can create surveys using pre-set questions, or by adding custom questions, as well as adding and creating rewards for users.

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