MobilityTicket was born to optimize and facilitate the management of subscriptions to the Local Public Transport.

The first web application ever
to manage the Public Transport Subscriptions

Compatible with the main LPT providers:


The Local Public Transport

During the recent years, italian companies focused on sustainability and corporate welfare have begun to provide services that increase the welfare of their employees, including the management of subscriptions to Local Public Transport. Companies that are committed to providing benefits on public transport to their employees are aware of the enormous problems related to the management of these procedures: from the collection of documentary information of their employees to the different purchasing processes at the mobility carriers. Last but not least, companies have to cope with the problem of ensuring optimal management of the collection/distribution of subscriptions in the company

The management of subscriptions to LPT

After managing these problems for years, we have developed the Mobility Ticket software and a series of related services, dedicated to companies, to optimize and facilitate the work of the Mobility Manager or anyone involved in activities related to subscriptions to LTP.



Mobility Ticket is the innovative software developed by Movesion for the management of Local Public Transport Subscriptions, from taking charge of requests to the accounting of costs and financial flows.

Through the software and the associated consulting service, Movesion:

  • Takes in charge employees’ subscription requests;
  • Semplifies the procedures for compiling the data required by the verious carriers;
  • Allows the download and the upload of the requested documents;
  • Reports deadlines and renewals;
  • Ensures the delivery of subscriptions to the company;
  • Fluidifies the receipt of subscriptions through a financial advance service;
  • Produces customized reports according to the requests of the carriers and/or staff offices;
  • It easily integrates into every corporate welfare portal.
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The Business value

Thanks to the use of Mobility Ticket, the company will have a management, administrative and financial service able to offer great savings in social, economic and environmental terms:

  • Social: the software allows you to speed up and streamline the administrative and financial practices of the activities related to the management of subscriptions to the LPT of company employees;
  • Economic: helps the company to benefit from tax advantages following the new Budget Law 2018 and offers the company multiple customized solutions;
  • Environmental: incentives company employees to use Local Public Transport, to reduce Co2 emissions and increase their productivity.
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