About us

Movesion is a transport engineering company that deals with sustainable mobility and corporate welfare.


Movesion is an IT company, based in Rome, and more than 100 clients in seven different European countries, and it deals with mobility by developing high value software solutions for other companies and public administrations. Its excellent know-how comes from a synergetic connection, built over the years, with the University research for everything that concerns methodologies, technological solutions and the professional growth.


We are European analysis activities leaders, and also we are optimization, systematic moves planning and Home-Work/Home-School mobility leaders, thanks to Mobility® which is a software suite that helps us understanding shifting habits. During the past few years we’ve even developed perfect solutions for the public transport ticketing and for the corporate welfare.

Business Consulting

In addition to what has already been mentioned, Movesion offers professional advices on on everything that concerns Shift Plans from Home to Work and mobility business development plans.